Our Services

Services offer all encompass

Hiring and selection procedures to include advertisements

Training and trade testing

Documentation and processing of requirements

Medical and physiological screening

Briefing and orientation

Travel services

Arranging tickets


Catering services

Transportation from camp to work site


Manpower Services Include

Mechanical Projects

We can provide all categories of workers for the construction of refineries, petrochemical project, power plants etc. Recruitment & mobilization of around 1000 workers in skilled categories such as QA / QC, Safety, Fabrication, Welding, Piping, Structural, Erection & Rigging can be easily accomplished within 30 days.

Shut down Contracts

We can procure the total crew required to undertake the major shutdown jobs for any Petrochemical Plants, Refineries, and Chemical Plants etc. Categories, from shutdown supervisors, heat Exchanger technicians, valve Technicians to Field Mechanics, Fabricators to Fitters, and Welders in any numbers, can be identified & mobilized within 7 days. We are capable of mobilizing more than 500 shutdown workers in 30-40 days time.

Operation & Maintenance Contracts

We are able to procure personnel / workers for operations & maintenance contracts for the power plants, refineries, and petrochemical plants, any type of skilled technicians in large number for HVAC systems, mechanical electrical instrumentation & specialized equipments can be arranged at short notice.

Civil Projects

We specialize in turn key projects (for short term) were we complete manpower and in support services, which includes manpower hiring (advertisement, screening, trade testing selection & hiring), mobilization to country (visa formalities, medical screening, briefing & orientation, ticketing travel to country) and in country support services (visa and medical screening, accommodation, catering laundry and transportation of personnel from work place to site). With our own in house expert civil team, we can mobilize workers in large numbers for civil projects; we can select and mobilize more than 500 workers.

Medical and Paramedical

We provide turn-key, outsourced administrative and management services to hospitals and health systems, We mange hospitals under contract for community organizations, delivering operations expertise, accountability and new strategic direction .The service including recruitment of medical and paramedical staff, conducting training program, training and development to administration staff, assistance in implementing telemedicine project , assistance in implementing tele-radiology project, visiting doctors program and assistance in Ambulance accreditation etc.

Our service include the following:



Preparing the job description and person specification.



Locating and developing the sources of required number and type of employees (Advertising etc).



Short-listing and identifying the prospective employee with required characteristics.



Arranging the interviews with the selected candidates.



Conducting the interview and decision making.

Our Recruitment Procedures

We have a large pre-screened local and international database, which we use to connect candidates to our clients. This is a highly successful means of recruitment and offers a quick and cost-effective method for the Clients.

Global Recruitment

At Red Galaxy we take the role of an in –house HR partner for our Clients. When the client seeks to recruit talent across countries we diminish their hassle of having to seek out consultants of each country. We offer centralized placement solutions for company’s recruiting personnel, irrespective of the country they are targeting. This structure allows us to know the essential pre-requisite for recruitment and also push the standards of quality placement.

Additionally, working simultaneously is our extensive network across countries making logistics lesser of an hassle. Our services are available for all categories of personnel

Focused Talent Search

In assignments where the talent pool is limited or rare and where other means of recruitment would be less effective we render a focused search where candidates can be identified and pursued. This service has the advantage that it targets individuals that may not be currently seeking a career change. At all times this service is performed with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.


We ensure that every shortlisted candidate has been verified for authenticity & their details are thoroughly checked for accuracy and reliability.


Once the potential candidate has been identified, the next step is his selection test, oral or practical, by the employer or his authorized representative. For this we make complete arrangements for the venue, issuing call letters, follow-up etc, ensuring that the entire process is effectively carried out.

In case we are entrusted with the selection & testing of the prospective employee, we conduct it with the help of a panel of experts, for technical & professional categories, under direct supervision of our professional executives.


Documentation involves the collection and wide range of paperwork required for establishing identity and qualifications of candidates. We scrutinize and authenticate all details furnished by candidates.

Visa Assistance

Our international recruitment procedure helps candidates and clients by providing assistance in getting the visa quickly, accurately and professionally.

Travel and Ticketing arrangements

With the help of our network of associates and strategic tie ups, we provide assistance to clients in arranging to and fro tickets, accommodation and all the paper work related to travel.

Medical Check-up

We provide assistance to clients in getting the medical check up done to comply with the immigration norms as well as regulations of several corporate.

Orientation Program

We conduct an orientation program for the candidates where in they are familiarized with different crucial aspects like the work culture of prospective organization, industrial practices, safety issues, labour laws and other relevant issues, so that the time taken for adjustment in the job is minimal.